Our Partners

Working Together For Better Technologies

Our extensive network of global partners works closely with proteanTecs to deliver cutting-edge solutions, resulting in heightened performance, increased reliability, and minimized downtime for advanced electronics. We have established collaborations with leading companies spanning various industries such as data centers, automotive, consumer electronics, and aerospace & defense. Our partners share our commitment to leverage our mutual strengths and provide unparalleled capabilities that meet the most demanding requirements.

Ecosystem Partners

proteanTecs is part of Arm Total Design, which unites the wider semiconductor industry to enable a frictionless delivery of custom SoCs based on Arm Neoverse CSS.
Partnership enables Alphawave Semi to bolster their custom silicon and chiplet solutions with proteanTecs’ lifecycle health and performance monitoring.
proteanTecs is part of Dell Technologies Automotive ecosystem.  Providing reliability and safety of modern automotive platforms, by ensuring semiconductor chips used in these architectures comply with the applicable requirements mandated by the automotive industry, which includes ISO26262. 
HARMAN and proteanTecs solution combine over-the-air (OTA) technology, deep data analytics and advanced device health monitoring to notify, predict and prevent malfunctions in the entire fleet.
PDF Solutions, a leading provider of unified data and cloud analytics for the semiconductor ecosystem, and proteanTecs, a global leader of deep data analytics, collaborate on combined semiconductor analytics solutions intended to provide deeper insights on yield, quality and reliability by combining proteanTecs deep agent and analytics solutions with the Exensio Platform.
proteanTecs Edge™ applications are part of the Advantest ACS Solution Store. Deployed on the tester, the apps enable mutual customers to discover real-time insights around key metrics, including per-die silicon grading, latent defects, power trade-offs, and 2.5D/3D interconnects.
The partnership accelerates time to market by connecting on-chip Agent data and advanced analytics with Teradyne’s UltraFlex and UltraFlexplus testers utilizing PortBridge software. Customers benefit from a new level of visibility on the tester, for inline and real-time decisions.
proteanTecs’ interconnect monitoring solution was integrated into the GLink test chip to provide GUC enhanced visibility in testing and characterizing the PHY and to enhance the end product with in-field performance and reliability monitoring.
Siemens and proteanTecs offer complementary approaches that form a comprehensive solution for performance optimization in development, production, and in the field.
proteanTecs and Alchip deployed smart on-chip monitoring. Combined with knowledge-based machine learning algorithms, customers gain access to advanced analytics in the cloud and edge.
ELES and proteanTecs Collaboration enables SoC manufacturers to improve their qualification envelope to achieve lifetime reliability, shorten their root cause analysis time, and reduce operational costs.
TTTech Auto & proteanTecs offer predictive maintenance for advanced car electronics, combining MotionWise software with deep data analytics for high-performance ECUs meeting strict safety standards.

Foundry IP Alliances

proteanTecs has joined the Intel Foundry Services (IFS) Accelerator IP Alliance program.
The program includes a robust portfolio of leading IP partners, enabling semiconductor companies to access silicon-verified and IFS process-specific IPs for their system-on-chip (SoC) design needs.
Samsung Foundry's ecosystem program is developed to ensure deep collaboration between ecosystem partners and customers. proteanTecs is part of the program, offering deep data monitoring with cloud-based analytics, creating enhanced value for mutual customers with Samsung Foundry.
proteanTecs is part of the TSMC IP Alliance Program, a key component of TSMC's Open Innovation Platform® (OIP). The alliance includes major and leading IP companies, providing the semiconductor industry's largest catalog of silicon-verified, production-proven and foundry-specific intellectual property (IP).