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We depend on electronics all day, every day - from the phones we use to the cars we drive to the data we consume. We can't afford to have them suddenly fail on us.

proteanTecs’ predictive solutions are transforming reliability of electronics. From within.

Sounds simple? Well, we work hard to make sure it is.

Our multi-disciplinary team of scientists, engineers and experts join forces and talents to bring the proteanTecs game-changing innovation to life.

As our technology continues to develop, we are on the lookout for additional talent to join the revolution. If you’re passionate about analytics software, machine learning or chip design – we predict you have a brilliant future with us!

We’re Going Big

We want to make electronics better, faster, safer. We're changing the rules of the game, no less. As with any revolution, it doesn’t happen overnight, but we are visionaries and strategists.

We’re Doing Big

Leading a revolution is not always easy. We’re building everything from the ground up. Each one of us is a problem solver, creative thinker, domain owner.
We are experts.

We’re Thinking Big

Impact and ownership are what we live by. In a highly multi-disciplinary environment, we are far greater than the sum of our parts. We learn from each other, collaborate and excel as a team.

And we’re growing!

In an industry ripe for evolution, we take pride in providing exciting opportunities and plenty of room for development, variety and promotion.

We’re looking for intelligent minds passionate about driving our vision. Come learn, grow and have fun with us as we shine.

Open Positions

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