Electronics Visibility.
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Monitor health & performance of chips, from design to field.


Creating a Digital Future You Can Scale

We give electronics the ability to report on their own health & performance. Today, chips across the globe not only have a voice, but they also have a language too.


The Digital Future You Can Trust

We give electronics the ability to report on their own health & performance. proteanTecs offers a first-of-its-kind, in-system self-monitoring solution. With machine learning, we unlock deep insights increasing reliability, optimizing power, and enhancing quality.

What’s New

Our Solution:

Deep Data Analytics for Advanced Electronics.

Chip design
Chip Production
system Production

How We Do It

When deep data meets data analytics

Applying the power of ML to novel data created by on-chip Agents (Monitoring IPs), we provide actionable insights and predictions about electronics’ performance, quality and reliability at every stage.

proteanTecs creates a common data language throughout the value chain, based on newfound correlation. From design and production to lifetime operation, we provide continuous visibility, making sense of complex environments and uncovering critical issues.


Take on the Growing Complexities

Nano-scale production and advanced packaging technologies pose new challenges for electronics manufacturers and service providers. We’re paving the way to new economics for scale, by breaking the trade-off equation of performance, power, quality and reliability.

Manage Uncertainties to Drive Business Results

Scale electronics and increase product value by gaining the visibility you lack to make informed decisions.

Improve Bottom Line

Increase profitability by optimizing operational efficiencies, streamlining processes and reducing COGS at every stage.

Prevent Losses

Mitigate risks in design and production, prevent stop-ship recalls and service downtime.

Increase Revenue

Grow your business by increasing competitiveness, accelerating time to market and enhancing your product with unique predictive capabilities.

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