Predicting Failures in Electronics.
From Within.



A one-stop software platform which applies machine learning algorithms and analytics to data created by chip-embedded Agents, providing actionable insights and predictions about electronics’ performance, quality and reliability throughout the value chain.



During chip design, hundreds of possible manufacturing variants are modeled for each specific design, creating a complete production view and providing insights into the chip's performance.



During chip design, Agents are seamlessly embedded, without penalty, based on an automated and thorough design analysis, to create high coverage novel data on the chip’s profiling, health and  performance.



During chip and system production and while in-use, machine learning is applied to data created by the Agents, and meaningful insights are provided by the software analytics platform.

Every Step of the Way

At Chip Design

Make better design decisions with Proteus-EDA, which provides insights about design sensitivities that impact performance.

Gain observations that improve Power/Performance/Area and Time-to-Volume, increase product competitiveness and reduce costs.

At Chip Production

At the push of a button, gain insights from every and all chips for precise binning, high resolution outlier detection and increased observability to systematic production shifts and drifts.

Increase chip quality, at faster Time-to-Volume and lower costs.

When Chips are In Use

High reliability coverage which alerts on faults before they become failures, achieving true predictive maintenance.

Prevent failures and epidemics and pinpoint the exact source of issues. Gain insights into electronics’ health, workload and performance, and manage performance and remaining useful life.

At System Production

Based on novel data created by the Agents, the chip operates as a sensor reporting on the system’s health and performance.

Gain increased production efficiencies and improved product quality, while quickly identifying and locating issues that affect performance or delay production.

Universal Chip Telemetry™

Universal Chip Telemetry (UCT) is a new capability based on embedded Agents, custom tailored to represent and automatically cover a specific design. They monitor, detect and report from within chips. The UCT level is determined by the coverage and variety of Agents integrated. UCT,  combined with machine learning data analytics, provides unprecedented visibility into electronics, creating a shared language of measurements across the value chain.

Reliability is no longer a boundless effort and cost but an accessible, accurate and common asset.

proteanTecs' Agents

Classification and Profiling

Classification of chips into Families, which are groups of chips that have similar parametric behavior. The Family classification is maintained across voltage and temperature conditions and while chips undergo transformations: on a wafer, packaged, or assembled on a system. “Family invariance” serves as an intrinsic basis for correlation, yield and quality improvements and fast, accurate performance binning.

Performance Monitoring

Delay measurements of billions of paths, in parallel with normal operation, monitor degradation patterns and detect potential failures stemming from aging, reliability issues, latent defects that develop over time, environment and workload effects.

Operational Sensing

Detection of health and performance degradation caused by the chips’ system level feeds, connectivity and  usage in that system. Operationl level fusion with performance monitoring and Family association provides unprecedented coverage and early indication of hazards.

Why it matters

Electronics are becoming ubiquitous in every aspect of our lives, growing in scale and complexity, yet quality and reliability become harder to achieve. With machines taking more and more responsibility and making critical decisions for us, failures can have a drastic impact, especially when they occur without advance warning.
Partner with us to save unnecessary costs and redundancies, increase performance and quality and make electronics more predictable, safer and reliable for your customers.

Improves Quality & Reliability


Alerts Before

Reduces Time to Market


Built by a team of industry experts

Founded by electronics industry veterans and entrepreneurs, proteanTecs is comprised of multidisciplinary experts in the fields of chip design, machine learning and analytics software.

Shai Cohen

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founded and served as COO of Mellanox (NASDAQ: MLNX). Previously, senior staff member in the Pentium processors department at Intel.

Evelyn Landman

Co-Founder & CTO

Co-Founded and served as VP of Backend and Product Engineering at Mellanox (NASDAQ: MLNX). Technical manager in the processors department at Intel.

Roni Ashuri

Co-Founder & COO

Co-Founded and served as SVP of Engineering at Mellanox (NASDAQ: MLNX). Previously, manager in Galileo Technologies and Intel.

Raanan Gewirtzman


Previously CEO of Broadlight (acquired by Broadcom). Held key R&D roles at Virata and IBM Research.

Eyal Fayneh

Co-Founder and Silicon Technologies Sr. Principal Engineer

Senior Principle engineer in the field of Silicon technologies. Previously, Sr. Principle Engineer in the processors department at Intel.

Yuval Bonen, MBA

Co-Founder & VP Software Development

Executive experienced in both R&D and Sales & Marketing. Previously, held VP R&D roles at Broadsay and Trackimo and VP Sales & Marketing position at PicoParts.

Dr. Yahel David

Co-Founder & Machine Learning Principal Engineer

Leading industry expert in the fields of AI and Data Science. Previously, held R&D roles at IBM and Yahoo.

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