Our Solution

End-to-End Deep Data Analytics

Cloud and edge analytics from design to the field, based on chip telemetry

  • Design analysis at a specific process
  • Pre-silicon production visibility
  • Intelligent integration of Agents
  • Actionable insights and alerts in production and in-field
  • Machine learning of design analysis and Agent Readouts
  • On-demand cloud-based data analytics and visualization

Why Industry Leaders Trust proteanTecs

Improve Quality

Achieve near-zero DPPM at the push of a button. Gain insights from every and all chips for high resolution and accurate outlier detection and increased test coverage based on real system application.

Ensure Reliability

Gain advance alerts on faults before they become failures, achieving true predictive maintenance and higher MTBF. Prevent disrupted service and epidemics, and reduce time-to-resolution with insights for root cause analysis.

Increase Operational Efficiency

Achieve higher parametric yields, with increased observability. Gain early detection of systematic production shifts and drifts, and advance fine binning for operational flexibility.

Reduce Time-to-Market

Reach volume production faster through expedited product ramp-up and test-time reduction, at a higher level of certainty.

Optimize Products

Gain visibility during design into the production performance, power and parametric yields, and insights during production for performance tuning.

Every Step of the Way

Chip Design

Powerful simulation engines perform extensive analysis of Frequency and Power across hundreds of process points, voltages and temperatures.

Further analysis provides full production distribution view, allowing design teams to make informed decisions for improved power, performance, area, and parametric yield.

New Chip Introduction

At the push of a button, gain a higher volume and higher coverage parametric grading of your chip during Characterization and Qualification.

Achieve post-to-pre silicon correlation at every stage (Wafer Sort, Final Test and System Level Test), based on uploaded chip data that provide the expected performance of Agents and the design under monitor, for hundreds of Monte-Carlo simulations at many voltages and temperatures.

Additional insights are generated based on machine learning inference. Gain degradation monitoring visibility during HTOL.

Chip Volume Manufacturing

During High Volume Manufacturing Increase chip quality and production throughput.

Gain early and fine-binning, conduct advanced outlier detection for reduced DPPM and gain parametric visibility during high volume production with characterization-like data, such as measurement of remaining margin on millions of internal paths.

Provide early indications of parametric yield fluctuations that allow proactive yield improvements to increase overall yield. Further correlation is achieved between Wafer Sort, Final Test, and System Level testing.

New System Introduction

At system New Product Introduction, gain visibility into the performance of the device working in the system under many different workloads and tune applications for maximum performance.

Correlation of measured margins across paths to chip Final Test allows for optimization of both Final Test and assembly operations.

System Volume Manufacturing

During system High Volume Manufacturing, production teams gain valuable insights into device performance in the target system.

The device acts as a sensor to identify and pinpoint system faults, such as a failing power supply, clock deficiencies, device system-specific or assembly issues.

Avoid piles of malfunctioning systems and labor intensive, low-quality touch-up activities.


Increase field reliability, maintain uninterrupted uptime and optimize electronics’ workload and performance, while managing remaining useful life, for continuous predictive maintenance.

Advanced Process Nodes Demand proteanTecs

Applications today call for mega-functionality, nano-scale manufacturing processes, advanced packaging and ceaseless use. That means the old ways aren't going to cut it anymore.
Raise the bar with a new standard of visibility for the chips driving tomorrow’s electronics.

Power, performance, quality, reliability - it's no longer either or.

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