From timing-margins to cache-misses in advanced SoCs



This webinar will introduce the concept of Deep Data performance monitoring and outline two highly complementary approaches that together form a comprehensive solution for performance optimization in development and production, and predictive maintenance in the field. This new combined approach tracks different ‘layers’ of the SoC to address key semiconductor industry pain points including design sensitivities; software and hardware bugs; device early-failure and wear-out; functional safety; and malicious attacks. It offers radical improvements in time-to-revenue, product quality, reliability and safety, and profitability.

Featuring use cases for ADAS performance optimization during test and in mission-mode.


+ Evelyn Landman, Co-Founder & CTO, proteanTecs

+ Gajinder Panesar, Fellow, Siemens Digital Industries Software

You'll learn:

+ How to predictively monitor safety, reliability and performance

+ How to optimize software interaction with hardware

+ How to obtain multi-layer predictive maintenance in the field

+ How to fine-tune applications in field-deployed systems

+ How to take the correct guard-bands for in-field operation

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