GUC GLink™ Test Chip Uses In-Chip Monitoring and Deep Data Analytics for High Bandwidth Die-to-Die Characterization

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Advanced  ASIC  leader  Global  Unichip  Corp  (GUC)  has  developed  GLink,  a  high  bandwidth,  low  latency and power efficient die-to-die (D2D) interface. GLink offers the industry’s highest optimized interconnect solution for both CoWoS and InFO packaging technologies.

The GUC and proteanTecs collaboration started with GUC’s second generation of GLink, known as GLink 2.0. The project target was to implement the proteanTecs monitoring system into the 5nm test chip to assist GUC in testing and characterizing the GLink PHY. proteanTecs is the only company today offering comprehensive visibility into high bandwidth die-to-die interfaces based on unique, patent-protected technology.

With additional  high  speed,  parallel  die-to-die  interfaces  emerging,  such  as  the  UCI  Express, proteanTecs intends to maintain its technology leadership and become the de-facto standard in monitoring and deep data analysis for these high bandwidth interfaces.

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