Fail-safe Electronics for Automotive



What is the implication of fail-safe electronics within the automotive industry?  How are experts addressing the tradeoffs between reliability, performance and cost? How is the decoupling of hardware/ software affecting the value chain?

Join us for this 1-hour panel discussion with automotive SoC experts from CARIAD, Infineon, NXP and proteanTecs around fail-safe electronics.

Topics covered:

  • Fail-safe system architectures
  • Decoupling of hardware/ software
  • SoC and ECU lifetime monitoring solutions
  • Tradeoffs between reliability, performance and costs

Panel will be moderated by Ellen Carey, Chief External Affairs Officer at Circulor. Ellen has over 15 years of experience in clean energy technology campaigns, including electric vehicles and renewable energy. Her career includes senior positions at Samsung, Audi of America, SAFE, and the Electrification Coalition. Ellen collaborates with corporations, policymakers, NGOs, and the press to promote Circulor's role in bringing transparency and traceability to complex industrial supply chains.

Meet Our Panelists

Heinz Wagensonner is a Senior SoC Designer for CARIAD Technology. A semiconductor expert, he began his professional journey at Siemens Semiconductors, later moving to OSRAM OS as a Product Development Engineer. He spent 16 years at Continental, receiving the Continental Gold Award in 2008. In 2015, he became a Senior Technical Expert for Semiconductor Quality, and in 2021, he joined CARIAD as the Quality Lead for CARIAD Semiconductors in VW cars. He holds an engineering degree in Microsystem Technology from the University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg and earned a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering.

Jens Rosenbusch is an Automotive Microcontroller Safety Architect at Infineon Technologies. Jens has over 25 years’ experience as a Concept & Design Engineer, Safety Manager, Engineering Group Manager and Development Project Manager for Microcontroller in Infineon Technologies. Jens has authored several patents on architecture and design of safe and reliable functions for automotive applications. He has a MS in electronic circuit design from Technical University of Ilmenau.

Xiankun “Robert” Jin is an Automotive SoC Safety Architect at NXP Semiconductors. He leads an internal workgroup exploring silicon health monitoring solutions and their tailoring to NXP’s next-generation products. He actively participates in research consortiums, standardization bodies, and conferences to define, promote, and mature those solutions for practical use cases like automotive predictive maintenance. He is an NXP notable inventor with 14 patents issued and received the SRC’s Mahboob Khan Outstanding Industry Liaison Award in 2018 and 2022.

Gal Carmel is the Executive VP, GM Automotive at proteanTecs. Before joining proteanTecs, Gal served as Chief Technology and Production Engineering of Samsung Smart Machines, building from the ground-up Samsung’s ADAS/AV technology, focusing on full-stack platforms for automated driving systems. Prior to that, he held key roles in some of the most innovative pillars of autonomous driving at Mobileye (acquired by Intel). Gal holds a BSc in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University. 

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