Discussing Datacenter Uptime and Cloud Service Availability with Amazon, Siemens and Synopsys



With more people and companies relying on cloud services than ever (COVID19 sent shock moves through the global economy), datacenters are asked to secure a higher quality standard. This means that they must be accessible and reliable at all times, continuously performing as expected. This panel brings together multiple viewpoints from industry leaders to discuss the main challenges that datacenters are facing today, in terms HW/SW reliability, 24/7 uptime and scalability. Among the topics presented are redundancy and maintenance strategies, adoption of AI and supply chain integrity and quality management.


Domenico Rossi, General Manager, Car Radio and Multimedia Division at STMicroelectronics

Panel Speakers:

  • Uzi Baruch, Chief Strategy Officer at proteanTecs
  • David Pellerin, Head of Worldwide Business Development, Infotech/Semiconductor at Amazon
  • Aileen Ryan, Senior Director of Portfolio Strategy at Siemens
  • Charlie Matar, Senior VP, Engineering at Synopsys

The webinar was presented at the 2021 GSA European Executive Forum.

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