Assuring Datacenter Uptime via Hardware Reliability



The difficulty in assuring uninterrupted Datacenter uptime has led to inflated redundancy and maintenance strategies, no longer economically scalable. In order to prevent unplanned service interruption, which carries substantial financial and reputational damage, investment is needed in new data sources and streamlined processes. Availability of the underlying digital infrastructure will increasingly rely on artificial intelligence and automation, both in production and once deployed in the field.

Panel speakers:

  1. Shai Cohen, CEO, proteanTecs
  2. Igor Arsovski, CTO ASIC Business Unit, Marvell Semiconductor
  3. Stephen Rousset, Sr. Director & Sr. Distinguished Eng, CTO Group, Server & Infrastructure Systems, Dell EMC

This panel discussion will highlight:

  • Data-driven methodologies for in-field fault diagnostics and root cause investigations
  • Fleet management and maintenance cost optimization
  • Challenges and new developments in meeting DPPM targets
  • Next generation testing methods during production
  • Value-chain visibility and optimization

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