The Future of Reliability Testing
Guest Speaker: Dr. Joe McPherson



Today, with electronics playing a such a critical role in our everyday life, reliability has moved center-stage. Whether in the Datacenter, Communications Network or Automotive landscape, up time is key. However, the underlying ICs being implemented in advanced electronics call for mega-functionality, Nano-scale manufacturing processes, heterogeneous packaging and eventually, ceaseless use, posing new quality and reliability challenges. Companies seeking to stay ahead of the curve must adopt new approaches to prevent abrupt failures and service downtime, and control maintenance costs.

What will be the next big step in ensuring that sudden system failures never occur?

In this Webinar, a new solution for in-field degradation monitoring will be introduced. We will discuss how deep data can detect failure patterns and enable preemptive and predictive maintenance.

You’ll learn:

How on-chip circuit monitoring and off-chip data analytics point to the Physics of Failure, thus estimating the time to failure

How early warnings on system health and performance minimize disruption, unnecessary costs and loss of reputation

How to get more visibility during lifetime acceleration tests and correlate these tests to in-field data 

How to reduce cycle-time from chip design to qualification

How to ensure first-pass chip qualification success

How to realistically achieve zero ppm for critical (life impacting) chip applications



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