Real-Time Safety Monitoring for Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance in Advanced Automotive Electronics

White Paper


Software Defined, Electric, and Autonomous vehicles are driving new roadmaps for advanced electronics. Centralized architectures have introduced cutting-edge ECUs and SOCs. Coupled with stringent standardization, automotive manufacturers and OEMs are tasked with achieving functional safety in an ever-developing landscape. Maintaining safety standards without compromising performance and cost becomes a critical challenge.

This paper introduces RTSM™, which enhances functional safety (FuSa) by providing workload-aware, high-coverage monitoring, combining unique deep data of on-chip agents with a realtime algorithm-based application.

RTSM provides Predictive Maintenance with a Performance Index, which grades the issue severity-based on thresholds, affected areas, logic, power domains and previous events. For enhanced Prescriptive Maintenance, the solution allows realtime operational adjustments to be made by the system in order to avoid failures. With a built-in safety mechanism, RTSM detects logical failures that are caused from timing violations which cross critical protection thresholds.

By integrating RTSM, automotive electronics can achieve unprecedented levels of reliability and safety, aligning with evolving safety standards and industry expectations.

This paper highlights:

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  • The limitations of conventional safety assurance techniques
  • RTSM’s algorithm-based Performance Index for assessing the issue severity
  • Why monitoring margins under real workloads is crucial for fault detection
  • The technology behind RTSM which allows it to monitor in mission-mode
  • The role of RTSM in introducing Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance