Semico Research:
Deep Data Analytics Accelerating SoC Product Development

White Paper


In the last several years, SoCs have become very complex silicon solutions. They now consist of 100s of millions or billions of gates, 100 or more discrete Semiconductor Intellectual Property (SIP) blocks, high speed data channels, megabytes of volatile and non-volatile embedded memory, increasing amounts of analog / mixed signal functionality, multiple CPU cores, multiple operating systems and several individual ISAs to support the different CPU cores found in homogeneous SoC design.

The industry needs advanced analytics functions and tools to better manage and command the process of SoC design, manufacturing, testing, bring-up and deployment that companies are undertaking today.  

Published by Semico Research, this 24-page white paper:

  • Demonstrates how SoC and software manufacturers can find and fix problems before product release and leverage the advantages of system health monitoring.
  • Outlines the areas where deep data analytics can improve results during the manufacturing phase for yield understanding, during the test and bring-up phase, during the post silicon phase in better understanding and managing the silicon in response to changing environmental conditions for device manufacturers and their customers.
  • Compares two companies and shows the direct business impact of deep data analytics with regards to unit volumes, market share, market revenues and profitability.

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