FuriosaAI Enhances Next-Generation AI Chips with proteanTecs’ Deep Data Analytics

South Korean AI semiconductor startup leverages system health and performance monitoring to gain unparalleled visibility inside each device  

HAIFA, Israel, May 9, 2023 – proteanTecs, a global leader of deep data analytics for advanced electronics, announced today that FuriosaAI has selected their deep data analytics solutions to ensure performance and field reliability of their cutting-edge inference chips. FuriosaAI, a leading South Korean AI company with a robust and flexible software stack, will use proteanTecs’ technology in their next-generation AI accelerators targeted at hyperscale data centers.

FuriosaAI enhances next-generation AI chips with proteanTecs' deep data analytics.
“Speedy and robust execution is our main focus as we work to deliver competitive, high-performance AI accelerator products for data center servers,” says June Paik, CEO at FuriosaAI. “proteanTecs’ technology will accelerate our product development cycle and give us the confidence to scale quickly. Additionally, our customers will benefit from system in-field monitoring, as we are dealing with highly advanced electronics in uptime-sensitive markets.”

Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Seoul, FuriosaAI is developing both its AI chips and a robust and flexible software stack to ease AI deployment. The company aims to make the optimal tradeoff among programmability, performance, and ease of deployment to address the complex and rapidly changing requirements of hyperscalers and enterprises.

“It is a pleasure to work with customers like FuriosaAI, who are breaking technological barriers in innovative ways and accelerating the mass adoption of AI,” said Sanjay Lall, EVP of Worldwide Sales at proteanTecs. “We are confident that proteanTecs’ deep data technology will further push their performance as they address new frontiers in AI computing and see their powerful and efficient products adopted into data centers worldwide.”

proteanTecs is strategically building up its local team in South Korea to support its customers, including FuriosaAI.

About proteanTecs

proteanTecs is the leading provider of deep data analytics for advanced electronics monitoring. Trusted by global leaders in the datacenter, automotive, communications and mobile markets, the company provides system health and performance monitoring, from production to the field.  By applying machine learning to novel data created by on-chip monitors, the company's deep data analytics solutions deliver unparalleled visibility and actionable insights—leading to new levels of quality and reliability. Founded in 2017 and backed by world-leading investors, the company is headquartered in Israel and has offices in the United States, India and Taiwan. For more information, visit www.proteanTecs.com.

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