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proteanTecs driving innovation and improving performance by empowering women as a core value

A recent report by SEMI and Accenture highlighted the untapped potential the female workforce represents for the Semiconductor industry, and for the electronics supply chain as a whole. The report examined the gender gap and the benefits of closing it, offering a hidden opportunity for companies, one that is well worth the effort.

According to the study: “Attracting, developing and retaining talent are some of the biggest challenges facing the technology industries, and this is especially true in semiconductors, where the talent gap is widely acknowledged to be growing.” So while 57% of college graduates are women, men remain twice as likely to study engineering. And while 47% of today’s workforce are women, they represent just 25% of US IT workers.

Focusing in on the bottom line – the report states that supporting a diverse workforce can promote innovation, profitability and valuation. Giving women more opportunities to grow into decision-making roles allows companies to realize long-term benefits. As mentioned in the report, women-led companies tend to engender mission-driven cultures, strong top-down communication, and strategic compasses pointing in the right direction.

Recognizing the challenge – and the opportunity, several of the larger companies in the semiconductor industry have already initiated mentoring and sponsorship programs as key activities to promote diversity in the workforce.

Realizing the promise - women at proteanTecs

Co-founded by industry veteran and innovator- Evelyn Landman, proteanTecs is spearheading gender equality - ahead of the industry. Evelyn began her journey in engineering as one of a select few, a woman choosing engineering, and specifically choosing to pursue her career in the semiconductor industry. Evelyn has always regarded herself as a professional, equal to her peers in both her career path and her family obligations. Her motto for young women-professionals is to push forward and let nothing stand in their way to both professional and personal fulfillment. Nowadays, the numbers are starting to change - growing, among other things, through STEM programs and broader exposure to women role models.

The report also stated the ripple effect: women are almost three times more likely to be on the fast track to managerial positions in organizations with at least one female senior leader.  

To that end, we are proud to say that:

  • 30% of our workforce are women
  • 23% of our engineering team are women
  • 22% of our leadership team are women  

And counting…

While we still have a ways to go, proteanTecs emphasizes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We encourage women and provide ample opportunities to aspiring female professionals, to contribute and drive our company forward.

To all the talented ladies out there… Join the diversified and innovative family at proteanTecs – send your CV today!

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