What's in a Name?

Read the answer to everyone's favorite question - why proteanTecs?

With the ever-growing influence of electronics on our day-to-day life and wellbeing, failures can have a drastic impact, especially when they occur without advance warning. proteanTecs was founded in 2017 as an innovative startup, led by industry veterans who identified the need to predict and prevent failures in electronics.

Still today, when introducing the company, the first question we encounter is always the same: “Why proteanTecs? What does the name mean?”

So, what’s in a name? A lot!

The name was derived from Greek mythology. When searching for a name, the company’s founders wanted to convey the essence of an all-encompassing, versatile solution. Proteus, who also possessed the gift of prophecy, was just the God for the job.

According to the Greek mythology – Proteus, son of Poseidon, was a unique shape-shifting being, who ruled the sea and had the rare ability to foretell the future. According to legend, anyone who captured Proteus (not an easy feat, capturing a legend who assumed many forms from lion to water to plants), could learn their future.
The Greek God Proteus

The adjective “Protean” is rooted in the myth of Proteus, its meaning being diverse,resourceful and adaptable, varied in nature with the ability to assume different forms.

One of the basic rules of picking a name for a company is: “Keep it simple. The shorter in length, the better.” Well, if we were to adhere to conventional standards, we wouldn’t have been able to provide such a revolutionary approach.Our name may seem unorthodox but that’s only because our technology is by no means conventional.

From the get-go, our vision was to harness the power of the ‘sea of information’ and foretell, predict the future – from within. Our Agents™, embedded as an integral part of the chip, continually gather information, enabling our machine learning algorithms to analyze the input and predict failures before they occur. proteanTecs delivers valuable multifaceted benefits across the electronics value chain, each tailored to meet specific needs, in order to ultimately provide a much-needed universal solution that will prevent unexpected failures in electronics.

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