The proteanTecs Solution – Now in Comics

Meet our finest storytelling cast for an explanation about our solution

Whenever we present the proteanTecs solution and technology to customers and industry experts, we are asked for a simple and intuitive example to help better understand this meaningful innovation and the transformation it brings to electronics.

After trying different marketing tools – attempting to keep it light and engaging, we were surprised by the best performing tool – the proteanTecs comics!

This simple comics one-pager illustrates a common “crisis scenario” for failure in electronics – malfunction in a city’s traffic control center.

Scenario 1 – Failure in electronics before proteanTecs. Server down!

Scenario 1 illustrates the crisis handling before proteanTecs – the frantic race to replace the faulty part and restore the traffic center functionality. The real-life chaos caused by this failure in the datacenter is immeasurable.

Scenario 2 – Preventing failures in electronics – the proteanTecs solution. Crisis avoided!

Scenario 2 illustrates the same date center– with the proteanTecs predictive technology – identifying a possible failure before it occurs, replacing the faulty component and preventing the failure in advance.

Scenario 3 – Outperforming quality with proteanTecs. Always one step ahead!

Scenario 3 – illustrates the implementation of proteanTecs’ predictive technology throughout the electronics value chain, making sure only the high quality, reliable chips reach the market.

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