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Interview with Raanan Gewirtzman, proteanTecs CBO

Raanan Gewirtzman, proteanTecs Chief Business Officer, joined the company approximately a year ago, to run its business activities. In a recent magazine interview, Raanan shared the company’s innovative technology concept:

“In the modern world, our daily lives become increasingly dependent on electronics. The underlying ICs these systems are based on provide mega-functionality and are manufactured at advanced processes such as 10nm, which are highly sensitive to the implications of production on the actual design."

The chips are also expected to work continuously and every disturbance in performance has significant negative impacts – both financial and safety-wise. Electronics manufacturers compensate by adding redundancies - increasing size and power, to handle cases of unexpected failures. When malfunctions occur, especially systematic issues, it is not easy to pinpoint the origin. The value chain halts until the root cause has been located and this bears heavy consequences.

At proteanTecs we developed a single “language” throughout the electronics sequence to predict and track possible malfunctions – before they occur. We literally switched sides from the ones facing the challenge to the ones developing the solution”.

How does predictive technology work?

“Step one is learning. We study and gain a complete view of the chip production and its impact on the initial design. Step two involves embedding various sensing “Agents” within the chip. What characterizes the Agents is their simplicity, as they have no impact over the chip size or capacity. Step three includes continuous analysis of the Agent readouts throughout the manufacturing process and when the electronic system is in use. Our cloud-based software paints a vivid picture of what’s going on in the system and provides unprecedented visibility compared to what is used in the industry today.

We identify possible failures in the post-silicon stage, as well as locate areas that can speed time to mass production and increase yields. Our solution then continues to accompany the chip when the system is used in the field, there we can identify changes in performance and predict potential failures – again, before they occur. This is critical in application markets such as datacenters.

Our ability to not only monitor, but also analyze and predict potential issues, will revolutionize reliability in electronics – from within.

Founded by industry veterans, including former Mellanox founders Shai Cohen (now proteanTecs CEO), Evelyn Landman (CTO) and Roni Ashuri (COO), proteanTecs now employs an experienced multi-disciplinary team of engineers - including circuit, EDA, machine learning, cloud technologies and software.”  

The interview was originally published in TapeOut Magazine, read more here:

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